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Conservation and Environment in Nepal: Monthly Updates

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Monthly Updates from 2015

Conservation in Nepal - Monthly Update January - February 2015

Hi everyone and welcome to the New Year! In December and January it started to get a little warmer. The mountains had some snowfall left on them and the mornings are clear but as the day progresses cloud increases. Within these months we carried out bird surveys, primate surveys and mammal surveys all by camera trapping.

Monthly Updates from 2014

Conservation in Nepal - Monthly Update October-November 2014

Hi! Namaste everyone! Here we are back again with a most exciting and interesting newsletter with updates from the Conservation Project in Ghandruk, Nepal. During the last two months we had our largest amount of volunteer arrivals to work with us and so far they are enjoying the work here and time with us.

Conservation in Nepal - Monthly Update August-September 2014

These past 2 months we conducted our bird, mammal, reptile and amphibian surveys. In September, we also began our much anticipated butterfly surveys, which are conducted each year from September to early December and then again from March to May. We also began installing camera traps in a different region which was suggested by our local partner the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP).

Conservation in Nepal - Monthly Update June-July 2014

This month we have been hard at work and even the onset of the monsoon season could not dampen our spirits. Volunteers and staff alike have been hard at work and we have started an exciting new herpetology project, continued our pioneering sensor camera research and been able to add some new birds to our ever growing species list. If that was not enough, volunteers had time to immerse themselves in some local culture with a colourful festival that we all enjoyed…..

Conservation in Nepal - Monthly Update April-May 2014

Hi everybody! Your job, as a volunteer, is really important to us and the Projects-Abroad team from Nepal would like to thank you for all your contributions on behalf of Conservation. April and May have been incredible months. We added four species of butterflies and one species of mammal to our lists as well as many other successes in our patch of paradise high in the beautiful Himalayan Mountains. The pleasant dilemma is what news to bring you first!

Conservation in Nepal - Monthly Update February-March 2014

February and March 2014 have been an incredible two months. It’s still fairly cold at night but during the day the warm sun is a real pleasure. During the past 2 months, we continued our mammal survey in the Dobato area and captured some good pictures of different species

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