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Conservation and Environment in Ecuador: Monthly Updates

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Ecuador Conservation Monthly Update July - September 2015

During the past three months we have worked on various projects in the Galapagos National Park including controlling introduced species, reforestation, monitoring endemic species and coastal clean-ups on the island.


Ecuador Conservation volunteer in nursery

In the Tortoise Breeding Center in San Cristobal we worked on various activities. Volunteers feed the turtles three times a week, after feeding the tortoises we cleaned the three pools where turtles drink fresh water. Within the breeding center we managed to control a highly aggressive plant that grows in the area where tortoises nest, conduct a census of the population of baby turtles where we have a total of 72 turtles between 1 and 6 years old. During the monitoring under the coordination of park staff we found two turtle nests giving us a total of 13 eggs were placed in incubation room.


We did a reforestation activity in the Miconia Zone in Laguna del Junco, in this extinct volcano we did first the manual control with machete of the Black Berry that is a plant that grows throughout the volcano area affecting the endemic plants and bird species, then control plants we moved 600 plants endemic Miconia Robinsoniana from the nursery to the volcano place being affected by the presence of introduced species.

In Cerro Colorado we did another reforestation with Lecocarpus Darwinii that is an endemic plant that grows in this place and is a kind of plant that was affected by the introduction of goats on the island, at the moment Lecocarpus is being planted in its place. Lecocarpus, 300 in total, were planted in the area of Mount distributed all over the place, Algarrobo a further 50 plants, 20 Muyuyo, Altenantera 200, 100 were planted Chala, we take care and irrigation water the plants every week.


A group of Projects Abroad conservation volunteers take part in an ocean clean up in Galapagos, Ecuador

We were involved in coastal cleanups in areas where there are endemic marine species such as sea lions and marine iguanas, we collect garbage in the ocean and collected 120kg in Playa Mann, Punta Carola 100kg, 60kg Gold Beach, Playa de los Marinos 150kg, 50kg Lobería.

This September we participate in the PLAYATON in Coastal Cleanup that is throughout Ecuador, we moved to Puerto Las Tablas with a group of rangers to help with cleaning the beach and in the end got a total 1000kg garbage collected in this place in a transept of 1.5km. The garbage was sorted and brought to the village later to be sent to Guayaquil.

We will continue working for the conservation of the islands helping the PNG in different projects that exist to conserve natural resources offered by this wonderful archipelago.

Jonathan Guillèn C.
Conservation Project Coordinator

Conservation Management Plan Ecuador

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