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Diving & Marine Conservation Volunteering in Thailand - Monthly Updates

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Monthly Updates from 2014

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update November - December 2014

2014 has been an amazing year of great changes for the marine conservation project in Thailand. In the coming months we will strive to grow the biology program into a scientifically sound and productive activity.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update September - October 2014

There have been a lot of changes at the marine conservation project over the past couple of months. We have sadly bid farewell to Vishal Pawa, who has been the conservation project manager for three years, and to our field biologist, Diego Fernandez, who joined the Projects Abroad family a year ago.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update February - March 2014

For the month of February and March our volunteers cleaned up underwater debris in an area of over 50940.2 square meters involving 111 volunteers and 1001 minutes. This resulted in just over 51.4kg of loose debris, mainly plastic materials like fishing nets and bottles.

Conservation in Thailand - Monthly Update December 2013 - January 2014

December and January saw Projects Abroad kick start our Global Shark Campaign. Volunteers had the opportunity to visit two schools and present the students with education presentations, as well as organising some fun shark related activities.

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