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Conservation and Environment in South Africa: Monthly Updates

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Monthly Updates from 2014

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update November - December 2014

The summer has been with us for more than a month now, and heavy occasional rains in the reserve and hot temperatures are common. Nearly 200mm of rain has fallen and helped to change the bush into a dense shiny green forest, with a carpet of lovely flowers and green grass. The vegetation is really tasty too all the herbivores!

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update September - October 2014

The summer is slowly setting in at Wild at Tuli and the first rains arrived with a total of 12.1mm of rain over two days. More rain is, of course, still needed but it’s sure to be on its way. The temperature is gradually increasing and we have seen heights of 50˚C and lows of 19.5˚C, which makes it hot but still bearable.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update July - August 2014

It’s still winter here in Botswana but the evenings are getting warmer and the days are starting to be very hot. The maximum temperature over the last two months was 44.2˚C and the minimum was minus 0.4˚C on one extremely cold evening. Nature is following suit and more leaves are falling, which to everyone’s pleasure means that we are able to see further into the bush.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update May - June 2014

The winter is with us, welcome to the sunny days and cold evening. Most probably you will not believe us, Africa is always hot you will tell us, but don't fool yourself the coldness is here at night. Yesterday our weather station gave us 0.7 degrees during the night. So be prepared to bring warm clothes for the chilly nights, but during the day it can be pretty hot, up to 33.4 degrees in the sun yesterday.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update March - April 2014

All the rain brings us a clement climate, high temperatures are finished and we now welcome to the cool down! It is time for colourful flowers and bushes and of course the re-new. After observing the remarkable and often comical display rituals of the myriad of bird species on the reserve, it is a pleasure to see the fruits of their efforts, as juvenile birds are fledging and can be seen foraging under the close watch of parents and family.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update January - February 2014

January and February got off to a roaring start with our first volunteers arriving on the 6th January and getting straight to work. Staff returned after a much-needed break, refreshed for the New Year ahead. We welcomed Ms Elsa Stamm to the project as Camp Manageress and Social Manageress and she has taken up the challenge with great spirit.

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