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Conservation and Environment in South Africa: Monthly Updates

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Monthly Updates from 2013

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update November - December 2013

Continued observations at the 4 mammal census sites around the property have shown 11 mammal species in the vicinity of the water points. 4 species were recorded drinking from the water sources at the census sites. The most prolific species was Impala (Aepycerosmelampus) recorded on 12 separate occasions with a total of 84 animals observed over the 2 months.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update September - October 2013

Further erosion control work has been carried out on the heavily eroded areas in the north of the property, which showed very little growth during the last year, indicating poor soil conditions. The hope is that by limiting further erosion and creating banks of fertile soil behind vegetation barriers that the seeds of grasses and other plants will be left in the area after rain. These will then be to germinate in situ rather than being washed out into the rivers.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update July - August 2013

In preparation for the summer rains our erosion control work has continued across the property. We have finished our work along the river with most of the small gullies protected by vegetation barriers aimed at slowing the speed of run-off water across the surface, thus preventing excessive top soil loss during rainfall.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update January - February 2013

Projects started last year have continued and we have introduced some new activities and courses. All our volunteers have participated with eagerness and have contributed to the on-going research that we are doing on the Reserve as well as having experienced some really fun activities as well.

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