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Legodimo Nature Reserve - June 2009

June was yet another very exciting month in the bush.

Work on the next waterhole and observation deck has started in full swing. This means loads more digging. Our plan with this waterhole is to have it as natural as possible to thus allow animals more access and elephants amongst others to enjoy mud bathing, splashing and generally just playing.

We have removed kilometres of old fences and then re-used them in protecting trees against elephant damage.

In this dry season elephants are hammering the vegetation hard and we need to intervene before more diversity is lost.

Our research drives are still proving very interesting and sightings of amazing animals carry on. This month some of our sightings included Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta), Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) and the normal plains game that inhabit our patch of heaven. The sighting of the cheetah was very exciting as it is the first observation by volunteers.

We have started a tree monitoring project this month as well. We hope that the data obtained will help us better understand the impact of elephants and thus know which species of flora to concentrate on more with our rehabilitation project.

Our family has grown by three this month. Bart, a volunteer from the Netherlands, donated some goats. They were named "Give, Thanks and Bart". We will still see how they fit in with the local wildlife as they have already attracted some attention from a leopard and escaped once. They were quickly tracked by Jannie and safely returned to their holding pen.

Legodimo's road system received lots of attention and we now have a smoother drive when travelling around the reserve.

We still have trouble from poachers from various sides as the hunting season is in full swing but seem to be getting the upper hand as intrusions seem to be lessening. A project that might be discouraging this unwanted element is our "Anti-poaching Drumming sessions"!

At selected and varied locations, we go and play drums to show poachers a presence and also discourage animals from visiting certain areas in our reserve.

We are all looking forward to July as we have some really good projects planned. Amongst these is the completion of the new waterhole and observation deck as well as another observation deck along the Limpopo River. Our Mapungubwe National Park visit should also prove to be very rewarding as they have some crucial tasks planned for us.

Keep an eye on this spot.

Kind regards and friendly African greetings,

Gerrit Prinsloo
Conservation Director

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