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Legodimo Nature Reserve - July 2009

July means cold. It gets more and more difficult to get up in the mornings, but we soldiered on.

The colours of the bush start changing and available surface water gets less and less which means sightings at our waterholes get more interesting and eventful.

This causes pressure on the vegetation around the few waterholes to increase and tension between animals to intensify.

The digging of a next waterhole was one of our more challenging tasks this month. We are all positive that this will be one of the most popular observation spots on the reserve. The soil is hard though which means we've had to spread the digging out over time. A nearby Leadwood tree (Combretum imberbe) has been chosen for our next observation deck after we'd considered general wind direction and vantage point. We hope to finish it soon...blisters in hands considered.

Our Mapungubwe National Park visit involved the volunteers in repairing the greenhouse they use for conditioning saplings for re-introduction. These trees are to be the pioneers in areas where humans have removed them in the past and where pressure from Elephants has made them locally extinct.

Work on our new greenhouse back at camp is still continuing and we hope to have it finished before the raining season comes. It should provide us with enough space to start re-introducing species of plants that have disappeared.

We've still not observed any Leopard, but new techniques should hopefully bring this long wait, to an end. We have now started call-ups at night to try and lure these secretive animals. A cd with animals' calls of distress Dave got us, is played, which will then hopefully bring them into sight.

Next month should have us all moving mountains seeing as we will have a lot more hands to help. We all look forward to some good rewarding work that we have planned.

Kind regards and friendly African greetings,

Gerrit Prinsloo
Conservation Director

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