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Legodimo Nature Reserve - January 2009

Happy New Year!!!

January started off with a bang as we had a large number of volunteers. Everyone was excited, well rested and ready to go!

We started the year with the planning and construction of an extended terrace in front of camp. We got this done in record time, and this served as motivation for everyone to get stuck in. The reason for the extension is to serve as a barrier which protects camp from hippos and elephants, who are sometimes a bit too curios.

The volunteers achieved a record this month. They shovelled, cleared, moved, hacked, slashed and sawed their way through the overgrown road that leads to the "office". This took half a day and afterwards they were rewarded with an afternoon at the local lodge, socialising and relaxing.

We had a talent show this month. The volunteers where divided into groups and each group had to perform a piece of their choice. The winners were Quinn, Anna and Richard with their very original madlip.

There was also a quiz to brush up everyone's general knowledge on the bush and wildlife. This proved very popular and we shall do it again.

We have also been blessed with an amazing rainy season! Reptiles, frogs, hippos, carnivores, elephants, antelope, squirrels, birds, bees, spiders, scorpions, insects and everything else you can think of is experiencing a population explosion. This is much to the delight of the volunteers and staff alike. One of our novice herpetologist volunteers is nursing a Cape Centipede-eater (Aparallactus capensus) with a broken back. We are hoping for a full recovery.

The Limpopo had us wondering for a while, it's abcence was very recognisable. One day we woke up and there it was rushing past like it was never gone. The bush is unpredictable.

That's it for January.

Take care

Gerrit Prinsloo
Conservation Director

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