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Conservation and Environment in South Africa: Monthly Updates

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Legodimo Nature Reserve - September 2008


Gerrit, the Director of our Conservation Project updates us on all the news from South Africa and Botswana

The last couple of months in Legodimo have been a major turning point in the life of all its inhabitants and cycles. The seasons have started changing and thus we have all sorts of blossoms and activity commencing. The wildlife here has been phenomenal as always.


The impala (Aepyceros malampus) have finished their rutt and we are expecting loads of lambs in December.

Leopard (Panthera pardus) sightings have increased and some good distinguishing photographs have been obtained for the Endangered Wildlife Trust's Carnivore Work Group. We are hoping to beat our record of the month before of seven Leopard in less than four days.

Stuart enjoying the view

Elephant (Loxodonta africana) numbers have increased tremendously since the dry season and they have been the source of many a laugh, as they have been migrating toward the water holes and sightings have been regular. We have also been able to meet the needs of the elephants in terms of water use. The elephant hide we have been working on is going well, it seems like the ellies have at long last agreed with our selected location. Numerous attempts in the past have proved fruitless as the elephants kept on destroying our hard work.

Leopard caught by sensor camera

Brian our beloved porcupine, is still well and seems to have accepted Jamie's dog "Plakkie" (Pronounced: Plucky - Afrikaans for flip-flop).

Finally we would like to welcome our two new staff, Jamie and Nicole to our Conservation family.

Thirsty elephants

We also enjoyed a visit from Stuart Timson, Director of Conservation in Peru, and it was great to hear his ideas.

Gerrit Prinsloo
Conservation Director, Botswana
September 2008

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