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Legodimo Nature Reserve - November 2008

This month we finally finished the road leading to the new boreholes. The volunteers went to bed that night feeling relieved and proud. It was a tough and challenging project that took 8 months to finish, but every drop of sweat was worth it.

We cleared three new roads leading to the waterhole drill sites, which proved to be very interesting as we encountered a female African wildcat (Felis silvestris) and her kittens. This was a very rare sight because they are secretive animals.

Our hard work was also rewarded by a fountain of water erupting from one of the drill sites. This is a very important discovery as it will help with the management of the movement of wildlife.

Things are becoming considerably warmer as summer is now in full swing, everything is in full anticipation for the rainy season. The Limpopo should arrive soon and is expected in the beginning of December. This brings hippos, crocs and more wildlife.

We are still experiencing an influx of elephants, due to the fact that Reserves urther est are cahsing elephants out of their properties. This has a negative impact on the environment. Research is becoming more crucial with each new herd.

Next month promises to be even better..

November was a placid month where everyone worked and enjoyed themselves to the full.

Friendly greetings,

Gerrit Prinsloo
Conservation Director

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