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Legodimo Nature Reserve - April 2008

The last month at Legodimo Nature Reserve has indeed been a busy one. The Volunteers have been busy mapping the reserve using the GPS, naming existing roads and some of the geographical landmarks. The creation of a new road, linking two of the existing main roads, in the Northern half of the reserve is well underway and making good progress.

After a few quiet weeks it has been wonderful to see the return of the elephants to Legodimo. Not only have we had good visuals at the main water hole in the North, they are now coming to visit us in camp on an almost daily basis. One particular night a bachelor herd of bulls moved past camp only some 30 meters from where we were sitting. As they moved into the Limpopo river we walked down to the bank and watched them feeding and drinking only a few meters away, a truly breath taking experience!

Having had a flurry of leopard sightings in February, the visuals of these elusive predators has begun to dry up somewhat. However, they are still around us constantly and we hear them calling around the camp at night and a couple of weeks ago we even heard a pair mating and although it was too dark to see anything, it is none the less something that very few people are privileged to witness.

The month concluded with a trip to the Okavango Delta and Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls. As with most things in Africa, they never always go according to plan, some car problems meant that the Delta part of our trip had to be bypassed due to lack of time and decided to push on to Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls was no disappointment and the boat trip down the mighty Zambezi River made it all worth while. A couple of the volunteers were so excited that they decided to throw themselves off a bridge with an elastic band tied to around their legs!

After returning from our trip there was no time to rest before popping over the border to South Africa and Venetia Nature Reserve where an annual mountain bike race was taking place, the event known as Bike for Beasts, which raises money for endangered animals and in particular the African wild dog. It was a wonderful day and a great opportunity for the volunteers to see another side of conservation as well as a surprise appearance form the dogs themselves.

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Desk Officer South Africa Conservation

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