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Conservation and Environment in South Africa: Monthly Updates

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Monthly Updates from 2008

Conservation in South Africa - Monthly Update December 2008

December was a month of enlightment concerning admin. With the input of some volunteers and teamwork, we've now basically perfected our data base and have made progress with the drawing up of a detailed map. The projection of data has now become a lot easier, so transferring information has become more manageable.

Conservation in South Africa - Monthly Update November 2008

This month we finally finished the road leading to the new boreholes. The volunteers went to bed that night feeling relieved and proud. It was a tough and challenging project that took 8 months to finish, but every drop of sweat was worth it.

Conservation in South Africa - Monthly Update October 2008

We've had a busy month here at the conservation project and our world is finally going green again now we have had our first rains. The volunteers have made great progress with opening up a new road and with the continuing removal of the old fence line on the reserve.

Conservation in South Africa - Monthly Update September 2008

Gerrit, the Director of our Conservation Project updates us on all the news from South Africa and Botswana. The last couple of months in Legodimo have been a major turning point in the life of all its inhabitants and cycles. The seasons have started changing and thus we have all sorts of blossoms and activity commencing.

Conservation in South Africa - Monthly Update April 2008

The last month at Legodimo Nature Reserve has indeed been a busy one. The Volunteers have been busy mapping the reserve using the GPS, naming existing roads and some of the geographical landmarks. The creation of a new road, linking two of the existing main roads, in the Northern half of the reserve is well underway and making good progress.

Conservation in South Africa - Monthly Update March 2008

7 months into the project and were still going strong, after completing our first water hole a short walk along the river , we have decided to begin another right in the front of the camp, this will eventually mean the further attraction of wildlife making the Legodimo camp even more of a paradise retreat.

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