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Volunteer Conservation Abroad

A volunteer conducts an underwater survey on a volunteer conservation abroad placement
  • Role: Working towards the conservation of rare plant and animal species and the environment by participating in conducting research and collecting data, re-forestation efforts, educating communities about conservation, and more.
  • Requirements: None
Project Info

The conservation of rare species of plant and animal life and the protection of the environment in which we live are increasingly important considerations in today’s world. We have developed many volunteer conservation abroad projects where volunteers can help in these vital areas.

You can sign up for volunteer conservation abroad to help us protect the environment. Volunteers work across the globe on a huge variety of projects – from the National Parks of South Africa and Kenya to the beaches of Mexico and Thailand, from the tropical forests of Peru and Costa Rica to organic farms in Argentina. You can even work in the Galapagos Islands!

Volunteer Environmental Conservation Abroad

You can volunteer on one of our Conservation & Environment Projects at any phase in your life. Whether you are on a college summer break, gap year from education, career break or an extended vacation, there is important work for you to be involved in and you will make a great contribution. You do not need any previous conservation experience and all volunteers will receive relevant training in all the work involved.

Group Conservation & Environment Projects for High School Students

For teen volunteers, Conservation & Environment projects are available as Conservation High School Special programs. High School Specials are designed for volunteers aged 16-19 to join a group of their peers working together under the guidance of our local staff.

Animal Welfare Policy

We are committed to ensuring that all our international projects are thoroughly vetted and researched to guarantee that they are not connected to animal cruelty in any form. Our Animal Welfare Policy, which applies to both wild and domestic animals, can be read in full here.

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