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Build While Volunteering Abroad

Volunteers make an impact at an international Building project
  • Role: Contributing to developing communities by learning how to build walls, plaster, mix mortar, lay blocks, and more, for schools, libraries, and homes.
  • Requirements: None
Project Info

Some of the most important work that needs to be done in developing communities is setting up basic infrastructure. Helping communities through building lays a foundation that will allow locals to continue with your efforts even after your volunteer work abroad has ended.

Building volunteers can work in a variety of destinations contributing to all types of sustainable projects. Whether you want to experience rural life in Ghana or a big city in South Africa, there are different options for you to get the most out of your building work.

Building Abroad

Volunteer constructing a building on a Community Building Project

You can do volunteer building whether you’re 16 or 60! These projects are for volunteers who are summer vacation, a gap year from your education, or taking a career break and they run all year round. You don’t need any previous building experience, though you should be physically fit and willing to work hard in order to partake on these projects.

Building Projects Abroad

Our building projects really allow volunteers to be immersed in the host community. Volunteers work with locals to make sure these projects get completed and match the needs of the people they’re benefitting. You may find that the way you’re used to working on building projects back home can be very different from this experience; the materials used are often a bit more simple and there can be limited tools for construction. Additionally, work schedules are not always the same as you might imagine them to be in North America, so get ready to test your cross-cultural knowledge!

Group Building Projects for High School Students

For teen volunteers, Building projects are available as Building High School Special programs. High School Specials are designed for volunteers aged 16-19 to join a group of their peers working together under the guidance of our local staff.

Building project destinations:

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