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Volunteer in the South Pacific: Fiji and Samoa

Volunteer with children in Fiji with Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad offers a number of volunteer opportunities in the beautiful Southern Pacific islands of Fiji and Samoa. As a Care volunteer in Fiji or a Care volunteer in Samoa, you would work in a kindergarten or care centre, helping the busy staff there in whatever way you can. Or as volunteer Teaching in Fiji or Teaching in Samoa, you will be working in a school teaching conversational English. The students will be eager to learn from you…and learn about you! If you have a background in any other subject you could teach that as well - just let us know when you apply.

We have offices in Fiji in in Nadi, on the island of Viti Levu. All of our volunteer opportunities are located in these cities and in the surrounding areas. Our office in Samoa is located in the capital, Apia, where our volunteers live and work.

Travel & Tourism in the South Pacific

Island with the Samoan flag at the volunteer project placement in the South Pacific

There are plenty of great destinations to go to in and around Fiji and Samoa while you are volunteering abroad. Weekend trips are regularly organized by Projects Abroad staff and volunteers to enjoy the sun and sea of the South Pacific. Or you could simply take off to swim and relax on one of Fiji's or Samoa’s many small secluded islands.

Many volunteers also like to reserve some time to explore other parts of the South Pacific. You could travel to Vanuatu, travel to Tonga, or travel to Tuvalu. A trip to New Zealand or Australia is also just a short flight away!

Projects available for Volunteers in South Pacific

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