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Volunteer in Latin America & the Caribbean Teaching Creative & Performing Arts

Volunteers create a band with various instruments to teach children on the Performing Arts project in Latin America

Projects Abroad volunteers interested in Creative & Performing Arts projects can work in Latin America and the Caribbean. Volunteers bring music, dance, and drama into the school systems to help children learn new skills, discover their abilities, and at times as a form of therapy. As a volunteer you will provide a safe and encouraging environment for the children.

How Can I Volunteer to Teach Arts in Latin America & the Caribbean?

Volunteers on a Creative & Performing Arts project in Latin America & the Caribbean promote a variety of arts among young people to help them through difficulties and nurture their abilities. Volunteers work with the guidance of local supervisors and are encouraged to bring in new ideas for activities. With energy, creativity, and an open mind, volunteers and children alike of all skill levels can learn immensely together.

Creative & Performing Arts in Latin America in:

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