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Volunteer in Africa Teaching Creative & Performing Arts

Volunteers on the Teaching Arts project in Africa create a circle of unity with Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad volunteers can join in Creative & Performing Arts projects in Africa year-round. Volunteering on these projects is a great way for artistic volunteers to put their talents to good use and give back to the community.

Volunteer opportunities are available such as teaching music or dance to children and adults and participating in community outreach programs. Creative & Performing Arts allow volunteers to connect with the local community and learn more about the cultures of Africa while sharing their own.

How Can I Volunteer to Teach Creative & Performing Arts in Africa?

Participating in a Creative & Performing Arts volunteer program in Africa is a great way to enrich the local community while honing your own skills. Volunteers are expected to have some background is the areas they are teaching to participate in each project, though no formal qualifications are necessary.

Creative & Performing Arts in Africa in:

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