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Volunteer on a Farm in Africa

Organic Farm Volunteering in Africa with Projects Abroad

Volunteer Agriculture & Farming projects in Africa are a great way to help provide healthy food sources to communities and learn about sustainable farming techniques at the same time. Working on a farm in Africa is great for volunteers with an interest in ecology and organic farming and who like working outdoors.

Agriculture & Farming projects in Africa mix farm labour and programs for providing food to the local community, creating more effective farming methods and supporting outreach programs that teach local children about farming and sustainable development.

How Can I Volunteer on an Organic Farm in Africa?

Agriculture & Farming volunteers in Africa work in responsible ways to irrigate crops, build enclosures, create seed nurseries, teach local children about sustainable development, and many other farming activities in order to help the local community. Volunteers should be prepared for some challenging physical work, but no previous knowledge of farming or technical skills are necessary.

Community Farming Projects in Africa in:

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