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Ewe Language Courses in Togo


If you're interested in volunteering in this destination, please contact us first before applying.

Projects Abroad volunteers spend time learning a local language, Ewe, in Togo, Africa

Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in Togo’s fascinating West African culture on one of our intensive Ewe Language Course projects.

Ewe is a Niger-Congo language spoken in Togo, Ghana, and Benin by approximately six million people. Ewe is a tonal language where pitch differences are used to distinguish one word from another.

You can learn Ewe with Projects Abroad on an intensive Language Project, where you will receive an average of 15 hours tuition each week. Living in the capital city of Lomé, with accommodation in the home of a Togolese family, you'll learn quickly and can practice what you've learned with your hosts each day. Lessons are with a local language teacher, are tailored to your personal level, and can be adapted to your interests.

After your lessons you will, of course, have plenty of time to complete your homework and explore Lomé with other volunteers.

Alternatively you can undertake a short, 14-hour or 30-hour language course in Ewe. This course runs alongside your main volunteer project. If you are planning on volunteering abroad for twelve weeks or more, you could also complete a 60-hour course alongside your project. For more information please visit our Language Add-on.

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