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Conservation and Environment in South Africa: Monthly Updates

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Monthly Updates from 2017

Botswana Conservation - Monthly Update: March- April 2017

This month, the rains came to an end. 2017 has seen a good rainy season and hopefully this will lead to more food and water sources for the upcoming dry season in winter. Only time will tell.

Botswana Conservation-Monthly Update: January - February 2017

Happy New Year to all our dear volunteers from the Conservation team in Botswana! We wish you all the best for the year to come and we hope that nature conservation will be on everybody’s resolution list. Here in Botswana, 2017 started by being hot and green. The rains have been abundant, filling up our natural waterhole completely and leaving the bush green.

Monthly Updates from 2016

Botswana Conservation Monthly Update: November - December 2016

Rain is finally here – this is wonderful news for the wildlife and the villagers. In a few days, the bush has transformed from a desperate lifeless area to a nice green one. The wild herbivores and omnivores are eating grass and leaves, moving away far in the bushes. Before the rains, we could see about 100 elephants in one day, but now we barely see one because the vegetation is has become dense. Water is now all around us and it has filled up all of the temporary waterholes.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update September - October 2016

In Botswana recently, we have been desperate for rain. Sadly, there has been no significant rainfall in the last two months. The lack of rainfall is concerning, especially for the wildlife. There are a number of consequences: food and water become hard to find and fires become more prevalent. In a drought, fires are our worst enemy at the Botswana Conservation Project. Volunteers and staff recently fought a bush fire and we also watered the bush to provide food for the wildlife. The current landscape is heart breaking. To have a better idea of how it looks during a drought, please follow this link.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update July - August 2016

Water is a valuable asset in Africa and for the rest of the world too. Water is everything in Africa and without it our wildlife will not survive the dry season between May and September. In our area we have several permanent and temporary sources of water.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update May - June 2016

It has been an amazing two months. Our volunteers encountered a rare sighting of mating lions (Panthera leo) and at night we could hear their magnificent roar. While we were sleeping in our tents we experienced such a spectacular moment, we heard their roars close by and could feel it through our whole body. We also hope that in 110 days, lion cubs will be around and our volunteers and staff will have the pleasure of seeing them in the wild.

Conservation in Southern Africa - Monthly Update March - April 2016

The dry season is coming and the typical weather with it. Cold night and sunny day were such a pleasure after our really hot summer. We had an amazing sighting; two brother cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) have been spotted hunting together near the area where the female was spotted a month ago. We are hoping for the best for this rare, vulnerable and threatened species.

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