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Care & Community Village Project in Samoa for Teens

Project Info
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  • Placement location: Apia on Upolu Island & Sanelologa on Savaii Island
  • Types of placements: Local libraries
  • Accommodation: Host Families
  • Age Requirements: 15-18 years old
  • Arrival Airport: Nadi (NAN)
  • Local Languages: Fijian & English

On the Care & Community Village Project in Samoa volunteers teach at a primary school

The Care & Community Village Project for high school students is an opportunity for you to experience a different country and culture through the eyes of a local. On the project you will get to live in two traditional Samoan communities. By immersing yourself in Samoan society, your experience will be far more rewarding than what an ordinary tourists experiences, as you become a member of a local community.

During your placement you will be able to take part in traditional Samoan activities and customs, including:

  • Preparing and eating traditional Samoan food
  • Learning traditional Samoan dancing
  • Learning basic Samoan language
  • Joining your host family on their activities, such as attending village meetings

Giving Back during the Care & Community Village Project in Samoa with Projects Abroad

Your two weeks abroad in Samoa will also allow you to give back to the community where you are placed. You will work at two libraries during your stay, where you will focus on doing painting and repair work. You will also run literacy and reading programs at each of the libraries for local children in the community.

In your first week, you will work at a library in Apia, on Upolu Island, and in your second week you will work at a library in Salelologa on Savaii Island.

There will be various other ways that you can give back, depending on your specific skills and interests. The following are some of the ways that you will be able to give back to your community:

  • English classes
  • Exercise sessions
  • Drama workshops
  • Workshops on healthy living, cooking, and gardening

By offering advice and knowledge in certain areas of interest, you will get to know the local people even better, and will make a meaningful impact in the lives of those who welcome you into their community.

You will live with a local host family during your first week in Apia on Upolu Island, and in your second week you will get to live in a traditional rural village in Sanelologa, on Savaii Island. Both weeks will allow you to immerse yourself in the Samoan way of life. You will be cooking and eating their food, listening to their stories and sharing your own, and will join them on various activities, such as attending church and village meetings. Before long they will feel like your family.

At the end of each day and over the weekend, you and your fellow volunteers will have spare time to explore some of the beautiful sights and attractions in Samoa. You might even be able to see some hidden gems unknown to regular tourists.

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