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Journalism Internships in Romania

  • Placement location: Brasov
  • Placement Types:Print
  • Role: To contribute to the twice yearly publication ‘The Village’, a magazine focusing on Romanian traditions and history
  • Requirements: None
  • Accommodation: Host family
  • Length of placement: From 2 weeks
  • Start dates: Flexible

A Journalism Internship in Romania gives interns of all abilities a huge scope for gaining journalistic experience, and an insight into life in the mountainous Romanian province of Transylvania.

You don't need to speak Romanian to join our Journalism internship. All we ask for is a good standard of written English, and the enthusiasm to help put together a magazine that will prove interesting to both locals, and visitors wanting to find out more about life in rural Romania. Living in this fascinating country, you'll have no shortage of inspiration for stories to research, and write about, greatly enhancing your resume as you do so.

For interns who are on a gap-year looking to get onto a related university course, or those looking for employment following graduation, a Projects Abroad journalism internship can set you on the right track. This journalism internship is also suitable for working journalists, and experienced professionals who wish to take a career-break, or broaden their horizons.

Print Journalism Internships in Romania with Projects Abroad

Our Journalism internship is based in Brasov.You work for a magazine called 'Satul', that translates as 'The Village'. The magazine was created by, and is edited by a young couple, Adrian and Ana Andrei. During their travels through rural Romania, Adrian and Ana were touched by the richness of ancient Romanian traditions that still manage to survive, despite Romania’s increasing globalization. They decided to create “The Village” in order to help keep alive the spirit of rural identity with its many different manifestations in modern Romanian life.

Volunteer works with staff at the journalism project in Romania

The magazine is printed twice a year, once in summer, and again in winter. Every issue is between 58 and 100 pages in length. It includes a small traditional souvenir, such as a magnet, a CD or a DVD, presenting one of the villages. The magazine focuses on a wide range of topics, such as travel journals, portraits of a village, and features on traditional food and culture. “The Village” is distributed nationally through a network of well-known book stores, museums, tourist attractions, town halls, traditional restaurants, and rural guesthouses. It is available at festivals, exhibitions, and to subscribers. Some of the magazine’s subscribers are the Romanian Royal House and famous actors, painters, and musicians. The magazine is also distributed internationally, to several different embassies. In this way interns' work is helping to make sure that Romanian tradition, and customs are known to both local and foreign readers.

Online Journalism with Projects Abroad

Editor and owner of the journalism project in Romania

Journalism interns in Romania will also contribute to Voices of the World, an online publication. It is a media platform that allows aspiring young journalists to express their views, engage in dialogue, and learn about one another through relevant topics.

Interns who are 25 years old or younger can participate in weekly workshops, undertake assignments for Voices of the World, conduct interviews, and write articles. Older journalists can work as trainers and coordinators for the local young people involved, or the other interns. In this capacity, they can hold workshops, proofread and edit articles, and discuss ideas for articles.

In the future, “The Village” / “Satul” plan to upload a Romanian and English website. Therefore interns are expected to help build the English website, optimize it, and also contribute weekly articles, and photographs for the website. The interns are also involved in all necessary marketing tasks, such as different social media.

Your role as a Journalism Intern in Romania

American volunteer interviewing for a print piece in Romania

Projects Abroad interns working for “The Village” are responsible for producing the magazine’s English section. You will work in the Projects Abroad Brasov office, and daily tasks may include research, visiting villages, interviewing, writing articles, editing and taking photos. You will work out your assignments with our Journalism Coordinator, who will also offer guidance.

As a Journalism intern, you will have the opportunity to visit a Romanian village at least once during your placement in order to get to know rural Romania, and report on it. You could interview mayors, teachers, craftsmen, priests, and simple peasants. You research their way of life, and struggles dealing with the modern world, and determine how these ancient traditions have survived in urban life.

There is great scope for getting involved. Interns can participate in many village events, taste traditional food, and write gastronomic reviews. You may meet, and interview Romanian minorities, and experience a visit to a village church on a Sunday. Previous interns have also interviewed institutions responsible for rural development programs, and written about the role of traditional medicine in rural communities. You are encouraged to develop your own interests, and suggest new ideas and subjects for your articles.

During your time with “The Village,” you will gain valuable experience in all the processes involved in putting together a commercial magazine. You will have the opportunity to learn how to research, write, proofread, edit, and analyze an article. Additionally, you can help take photographs to illustrate your own writing, design the pages that will host your work, and be involved in the distribution of the magazine.

We greatly value the skills you will gain by working for “The Village”, and expect you to share them. In order for you to use these skills to the benefit of the local community, we have started a weekly Journalism Club in one local elementary school. Under the supervision of our Journalism Manager, you will coordinate 6 to 10 children, teaching Journalism once week, to create a small monthly school newspaper. The children are selected based on their English level, and writing skills, photography, drawing, and computer skills. The children then take on all the roles that are involved in the creation of a publication: reporters, editors, proofreaders, photographers, and designers.

Volunteer Profile Volunteer shares her experience on the Journalism internship in Romania
Amy Sable
The journalism team is eager to encourage you to try your hand at every journalistic aspect, ranging from interviewing Romanian celebrities and politicians, to designing your own page layout, to giving the editing or photography part a go. Basically anything goes, your ideas are your own, and it is a fantastic way of creating or adding to your portfolio. The rush of seeing your name in print for the first time is amazing. Read more...

This project is available for two weeks if you don't have time to join us for a month or more. This project has been selected by our local colleagues as being suitable for short term interning for both the host community, and the intern. Although you will gain a valuable cultural insight, and work intensely within the local community please be aware that you may not be able to make the same impact as someone interning for a longer period. The magazine is a twice yearly publication so by joining the project for a short period you may not be at the internship when the edition is printed.

If you are a high school student and first-time traveller you may want to consider our High School Special programs in Romania.

Interns seeking a different cultural experience have the option of participating on a more unique project for one week at the end of their project. For more information, please visit the Classical & Medieval Archaeology in Romania page. Our Combinations Page explains how you can combine not only projects, but also destinations.

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