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Care & Community Volunteering in the Philippines for Teens

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  • Placement location: San Remigio or Bogo City
  • Types of placements: Primary school
  • Accommodation: Host family
  • Age Requirements: 15-18 years old

Help children through education as a teenage volunteer in the Philippines

Volunteer on our Care & Community High School Special in the Philippines to impact a community through teaching children, renovation work, and inspiring others to keep the environment clean. In the Philippines, teachers often have to educate very large groups of children, which makes maintaining a productive teaching environment challenging. They don’t always have enough time to teach children the important life skills they need to lead better lives. This is where your role will be immensely valuable.

By joining this project, you will provide the extra support local teachers need, by teaching life skills to the children, doing fun and educational activities, and making sure the classroom environment is always clean and ready to host the children. Along with the other high school students on your project, you will be able to teach some important lessons to the children, such as healthy eating and living.

The work you do on this project can include:

  • Teaching classes about nutrition and hygiene
  • Leading workshops on topics like bullying, tuberculosis prevention, and climate change
  • Assisting with cleaning the school and light maintenance work
  • Participating in community clean-ups.

Your volunteer work overseas will also include a focus on maintaining a clean environment in the community. In San Remigio, litter is often discarded on beaches and in parks, and there is little proper waste management. This is a danger to local wildlife and pollutes the ecosystem. You will take part in community clean-ups to improve the level of pollution, and to set an example of looking after the environment.

Care & Community High School Special in Costa Rica

Encourage early childhood development in the Philippines as a Care & Community teen volunteerDuring your stay in the Philippines, you will live with a local host family with your fellow High School Special volunteers. This will expose you to the unique Filipino culture and traditions, such as enjoying home-cooked Filipino dishes. You will get to spend plenty of time with the other volunteers from around the world, which will be an awesome opportunity to learn about different countries, and will give you the opportunity to share some of your own experiences from back home. By spending time chatting over meals or card games, you will quickly feel like you’ve found a new family away from home.

We have organized some exciting social events for you to enjoy while not doing your project work. Over the weekend, there will be a trip to Santa Fe, where you will stay in a hotel, and swim and relax by the pool with your new friends.

If you want to stay for more than two weeks, this project is also available as a 4-week program on select dates. Stay longer, spend more time at your placement, and do more work in the community. Those joining us on the 4-week program will also get extra visits and activities arranged during the weekends, like snorkelling around the coral reefs of Capitancillo Islet, zip lining at Caputatan Norte, and taking a boat ride to the white sand beaches of Gibitngil Island.

High School Specials Impact Report

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