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International Nursing Internships in Mongolia

  • ROLE: To gain knowledge by observing local nurses and other medical staff at work
  • Requirements: None
  • TYPES OF PLACEMENTS: Hospitals and outreach work
  • ACCOMMODATION: Host family
  • LENGTH OF PLACEMENT: From 2 weeks
  • START DATES: Flexible

Volunteer observes staff treating a patient in a hospital on the Nursing project in Mongolia

Projects Abroad Nursing internships in Mongolia are based in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. As a Nursing intern in Mongolia you can gain valuable medical experience working alongside skilled nurses.

Medicine and healthcare is practiced in Mongolia similar to as it is in North America. Nursing interns are usually placed at the large Central Hospital, with the chance to work in various departments. The facilities are generally of a basic standard and patients often travel long distances to receive medical care. There are also a number of private complementary medical clinics where you can spend some time as an intern to broaden your experience.

Interning Abroad as a Nurse in Mongolia with Projects Abroad

As a Nursing intern you will shadow and observe local nurses while they work. The staff will welcome you and help you achieve as much as possible during your placement. While Mongolian law does not allow interns to directly treat patients, you will be able to help prepare equipment for surgery, transfer patients to surgery, observe surgery, and check on patients post surgery. If you are enthusiastic and show your competence to your fellow nurses, the more responsibility you can earn.

"I spent a great deal of time in the maternity and pediatric hospitals we work with in Ulaanbaatar, and there is undoubtedly a massive need for our volunteers. Our supervisors at these hospitals are incredible people; they could have left the country for far better-paid jobs in South Korea, but choose to stay in their own country, working for a meager salary. These doctors have a huge workload and really appreciate the help that a volunteer nurse, midwife or doctor can provide."

Robert Kidd
Projects Abroad staff in Mongolia

Projects Abroad organizes regular medical outreaches for medical interns to gain a greater understanding of the Mongolian healthcare system and be involved with public health projects. Previous outreach programs have included basic medical check-ups at a community centre for the homeless and assisting with a hand hygiene campaign at one of the local hospitals.

We also offer monthly training workshops for medical interns. These may be lessons about traditional treatments, the history of the Mongolian healthcare system, or performing basic medical procedures, such as checking blood pressure.

While interning abroad in Mongolia, you will live with a Mongolian host family in Ulaanbaatar. The families are always hospitable and welcoming. You will also meet other Projects Abroad volunteers. There is much in the area for you to see and do with your fellow volunteers.

Nursing internships in Mongolia are available for shorter periods than 4 weeks. While you will be able to gain valuable medical experience on a short-term trip, we recommend staying for a longer period to allow yourself more time to get to know the local medical system, see more of a variety of conditions and procedures, and develop stronger relationships with local medical staff.

While you’re in Mongolia, you might also consider joining a 1 week Conservation & Environment Project. For more information, please visit our Nomad Project in Mongolia page. Our Combinations Page explains how you can combine not only projects, but also destinations.

Although it is not required for you to speak Mongolian to volunteer in Mongolia, learning a few basics is always helpful. You can also choose to do the Mongolian Language Course before or during your placement.

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