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Teach Physical Education in Mexico

  • ROLE: Teaching a variety of sports to children in schools to improve their skills and techniques
  • AGE OF STUDENTS: 11-16
  • CLASS SIZE: 10-30
  • ACCOMMODATION: Host family
  • LENGTH OF PLACEMENT: From 2 weeks
  • START DATES: Flexible

Volunteer coach children in a school club in Mexico

By volunteering to coach physical education in Mexico with Projects Abroad you can help teach children and young adults the importance of fitness and inspire younger generations to be healthy and active. If you are energetic and interested in fitness, you can make an important contribution to our Teach Physical Education project in Mexico, where you will be able to coach a variety of sports, including soccer, basketball, and volleyball.

You can volunteer on this project without having any previous coaching experience. All you need is a passion for sports and a desire to help others develop their own physical ability. You can volunteer as part of a gap year, summer vacation, career break, or in your retirement.

Physical Education Projects in Mexico with Projects Abroad

Volunteer coach demonstrates sports skills to children in Mexico

Soccer is widely played all over the country and you will often see young children playing in open spaces in the towns and cities. Even though soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico, you can also get involved in teaching basketball and volleyball. Children are eager to participate in a wide variety of sports so feel free to let us know if you have any new ideas.

Physical Education volunteers in Mexico assist with coaching children and young adults in either Guadalajara or Ciudad Guzman, where you will help to develop sports in schools.

In Guadalajara, volunteers spend the mornings assisting physical education teachers in local high schools. In Ciudad Guzman, volunteers divide their time between assisting coaches at high schools and working at a centre for street children. Typically, volunteers work at the school three days a week, and work at the centre for street children the other two days.

As a volunteer you will be working alongside local teachers and staff at the school. In the mornings you will usually help with the basic physical education lessons. Your presence will help ensure that each student gets involved in a diverse range of activities, both individually and as part of a team. You will be working with children and students of all ages depending on when their physical education lessons take place. In addition to regular coaching, some volunteers help prepare the students to take part in local tournaments.

Volunteering Abroad on a Physical Education Project in Mexico

In Mexico, you will have a crucial role in the lives of children as you will help them realize the benefits of living a fitter and healthier lifestyle, as well as giving them a sense of belonging to a team with a shared passion and goal. This in turn has positive benefits for the wider community by focusing the children’s energy in a positive way, and keeping them off the streets. It gives them structure and purpose as well as being fun.

This project is available for less than a month if you don't have time to join us for a month or more. This project has been selected by our local colleagues as being suitable for shorter durations for both the host community and the volunteer. Although you will gain valuable cultural insight and work intensely within the local community please be aware that you may not be able to make the same impact as someone participating for a longer period.

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