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Volunteer in Madagascar over Winter Break

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  • Placement location: Andasibe
  • Types of placements: Care centre, national park
  • Role: Assisting local staff by organizing activities and games for the children and contributing to their general care, and working on conservation activities at a local national park
  • Requirements: None
  • Accommodation: Guesthouse
  • Arrival Airport: Antananarivo (TNR)
  • Local Languages: Malagasy, French

Madagascan children play with a Projects Abroad volunteer in the small town of Andasibe, Madagascar.

If you are interested in doing something different over the winter break, join us in Madagascar on the Care & Conservation Winter Break Trip. This group trip combines work in child care and conservation, giving you the chance to make a difference in two different areas of volunteering. We welcome volunteers of all skill levels, and you can join by yourself or sign-up with friends, family, or partners.

Our Care & Conservation Project is based in the town of Andasibe. Your day will split between child care and conservation activities, and you will find that some overlap – for example, your group will accompany children into the national park, teaching the kids more about animals, plans, and the importance of protecting their local environment.

For the Care aspect of your project, you will help out at a child care centre operated Projects Abroad. The centre supports children who are unable to attend school, so volunteers provide educational and emotional support here. You will also work at a local primary school, organizing activities such as after-school clubs and sports games for kids in the community.

A lemur swings from branch to branch at a national park located near Andasibe in Madagascar.

You will volunteer at a local national park for the Conservation part of the program. In Madagascar, the focus is on protecting indigenous plants and monitoring local species, through activities such as population studies, alien plant removal, park trail maintenance, and working with endangered plants in the nursery. You will also assist with local-clean-ups, and run recycling initiatives and environmental awareness campaigns with the other volunteers to help make Andasibe a greener town.

During your time abroad, you will live at a local guesthouse. On the weekends, your group will have the chance to explore the island, visit beaches, and take part in a number of fun activities organized by our local staff, such as zip-lining, local dance lessons, and cooking classes.

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