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Learn Malagasy in Madagascar


If you have a passion for languages – especially those which are indigenous to their countries – taking the Malagasy Language Course is the perfect way to learn a unique language while immersing yourself in the local culture.

Projects Abroad volunteers put their Malagasy skills into practice at a market in Madagascar.

Malagasy has its origins in Southeast Asia and is spoken by over 17 million people in Madagascar. Along with French, it is one of the official languages, and the one most widely spoken across the island. If you want to do some volunteer work on a Care or Teaching Project, we recommend learning the language. Speaking some basic phrases will prove invaluable when you interact with local staff and children.

If you choose to take Malagasy as a stand-alone language course in Madagascar, you will receive 15 hours of classes per week with a local teacher. Your teacher will introduce you to the basics of the language and help you boost your listening, speaking, and reading skills. Outside of your classes, you will put your new skills to work in markets and restaurants, and you will improve rapidly as you become part of the community.

Another benefit of the Malagasy Language Course is living around local people. You can try out what you learned that day while interacting with locals.

We offer 5-hour, 14-hour, or 30-hour courses that can easily be combined with a volunteer project like Care or Teaching. If you are planning on volunteering abroad for twelve weeks or more, you could also complete a 60-hour course alongside your placement. For more information, please visit our Language Add-ons page.

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