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Projects Abroad in Kenya: Arrival Procedure in Nairobi and Nanyuki

Arrival Procedures
  • Arrival Airport: Nairobi (NBO)

Once you arrive at Nairobi airport one of the Projects Abroad staff in Kenya will be there to meet you. From the airport you will travel by shuttle bus to Nanyuki and then be taken to your host family.

If you arrive at the airport late at night you will stay at a guest house in Nairobi for the night and travel to Nanyuki the next day.

It is a three to four hour drive from Nairobi to Nanyuki depending on traffic.

Volunteering in Kenya: Induction and Orientation

All volunteers in Kenya will need to apply for a local permit once they arrive in the country. The permit currently costs US$145 and it needs to be renewed on a monthly basis if you are staying for longer than 4 weeks. Each renewal costs a further US$145. While a Projects Abroad staff member will assist with this process, the expense is not included in the Projects Abroad prices and must be paid by the volunteer.

Female American Volunteer Meets her Host Family in Nakuru, Kenya

Depending on the time of your arrival in Nanyuki, you will either have your induction the same day as your arrival or the following day. You will be picked up from your host family and taken for an orientation around town. You will be shown how to travel to our office, usually on foot or by public transport and there you will meet other staff. You will also be shown the handbook and any necessary safety and security measures will be explained to you. If you are participating on a Standard Project, all necessary work-related transportation costs will be covered by Projects Abroad.

If volunteers arrive over the weekend they will have their induction on the Monday morning, because banks and the post office are closed all weekend and the exchange bureaus are closed on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.

As a volunteer you will live with a host family, often along with other Projects Abroad volunteers. You will have exciting opportunities to explore nearby wildlife conservancies, such as Ol Pajeta and the foothills of Mount Kenya, or see the famous Maasai Mara further afield.

Volunteering in Kenya: Conservation Volunteers

Two Week Special volunteers enjoying a Kenyan barbecue in the living room of a host family

If you have chosen the conservation project you will be taken straight to the Soysambu Conservancy after your arrival at Nairobi airport. Depending on the time of your arrival, you may spend the night at a guest house in Nairobi and travel to the reserve the next morning.

Should you wish to leave the reserve for the weekend, there will be someone who can take you to the main road on Saturday morning and can pick you up again on the Sunday afternoon.

All volunteers participating on standard projects in Kenya have the opportunity to spend one week on a Conservation & Environment project at the end of their main placement. For more information, please visit our African Savannah Conservation & Environment Project in Kenya page. Our Combinations Page explains how you can combine not only projects, but also destinations.

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