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Intern in the South Pacific: Fiji and Samoa

Projects Abroad has a variety of internships available in the stunning Southern Pacific islands of Fiji and Samoa. Whether you are a career breaker looking to gain some international work experience or a student eager to enhance your knowledge abroad, you will have an important role to play at your placement. Your time and effort will be greatly appreciated by your local colleagues. An internship abroad is an opportunity for you to observe and learn from qualified professionals, gain more direct experience, and enhance your knowledge of the field. You will be exposed to different practices and procedures compared to North America, and you will also experience being in a work environment in a different culture.

Whether you are interested in an internship in medicine and healthcare, journalism, or veterinary medicine and animal care, there are a variety of opportunities in a wide range of settings and fields available for you in Fiji and Samoa. You could find yourself working as a journalist at an established newspaper or radio station in Apia, Samoa, or teaching local communities about healthy living and nutrition on the island of Viti Levu, Fiji.

Projects available for Intern in South Pacific

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