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Intern in Asia

Asia is one of the fastest growing locations in the world. An internship in Asia will allow you to be a part of this rapidly changing environment and gain firsthand experience in your chosen field. Our internships in Asia are based in Cambodia, China, Mongolia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

Most internships in Asia involve working about 30 – 40 hours a week. During this time you’ll be learning from and contributing to one of our placements in the field of Medicine, International Development, Journalism, Business, and more. Through your work you will be supporting a developing economy and gaining direct experience that often is accessible to interns in North America.

Interning abroad in Asia is a wonderful way to experience a new country and culture, while gaining valuable international work and resume building experience. You will learn from your placements and the people you meet while gaining further insight in a chosen field, a cross-cultural exchange in which benefits are reaped both on a personal and global level.

You can find more information on all of our internships in Asia below:

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