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Learn Spanish in Belize


Learn Spanish on a Language Course in Belize

Improve your Spanish on our Language Course in Belize. You can participate in this program as a stand-alone course, or as an add-on course alongside your regular volunteer project.

Spanish is not the national language in Belize, but it is still spoken and heard widely throughout this Central American country. You will be surrounded by people who speak Spanish on a daily basis, which will help you learn and improve your fluency of the language.

On the stand-alone Spanish Course in Belize, you will benefit from 15 hours of lessons by a professional Spanish teacher every week. The lessons can accommodate all skill levels, including beginners and those who have been learning Spanish for years. The teacher will assess your skill-level, and tailor the lessons to suit you.

You can also choose to take Spanish lessons as an add-on course alongside your regular volunteer project. You can receive 5-hour, 14-hour, or 30-hour courses while still being able to contribute to a worthy cause in areas that include child care, medicine, conservation, teaching, sports, and veterinary medicine. Some of these volunteer projects will surround you with Spanish-speaking people, especially projects like Public Health, Care, and Teaching. This will allow you to practice your speaking skills in a conversational setting.

The Spanish Language Course is based in San Pedro. This means that if you would like to join the Diving & Marine Conservation Project, you will need to learn Spanish on a stand-alone course before or after the Conservation Project.

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