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Volunteering in Argentina: Arrival Procedure in Cordoba

Arrival Procedures
  • Arrival Airport: Córdoba (COR)

Host family home in Argentina

Volunteers fly into Cordoba airport which is about half-an-hour's drive away from our office. You will be met at the airport by a member of our local staff who will usually take you to our office to see where we are based and introduce you to the Projects Abroad team.

You will then be taken to your host family's house, which is usually not too far from our office. A typical welcome will involve sitting down with the family for a big meal and a chance to get to know everyone.

Volunteering in Argentina: Orientation and Induction

Volunteers sit down for a meal with their local host family in Cordoba, Argentina

Usually on the following day, you will be given a thorough induction pack with maps of where you live, as well as where all the other volunteers are staying - not too far away in most cases. You will be shown around the local area, and the local transport system will be explained to you. There are frequent buses as well as inexpensive taxis. The following day you will be taken to work and introduced to your supervisor. Most volunteers take a local bus to get to work. If you are volunteering on a Standard Project, all necessary work-related transportation costs will be covered by Projects Abroad.

Most of our volunteers stay in and around Cordoba city, though some stay in the towns of Unquillo, Villa Allende, and Rio Ceballos. They are picturesque towns on the edge of Cordoba. Many Argentineans from Buenos Aires come to this part of the country for their vacations and it is easy to travel from one town to another.

Volunteers will find most of the things that they need - from shops to internet cafes - in the towns. If you want a wider selection of shops then Cordoba is only an hour away by bus. If you want to find out best places to go, whether it is to buy souvenirs or to go out for a meal, just ask our local staff or ask a volunteer who has been in Argentina for some time.

You will find a warm welcome from our local staff and host families as well as the Argentineans you will meet on the street. Although most of the local people will not speak any English you will find that they will be eager to meet you and find out about you. This is a great way to practice your Spanish as well as making some great new friends.

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