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Projects Abroad acknowledged by the Prime Minister of Fiji

Projects Abroad acknowledged by the Prime Minister of FijiThe nutrition, health and wellness project in Fiji is going from strength to strength since it started in May this year. So much so, that even the Prime Minister in Fiji cannot help but notice the incredible work our volunteers are doing.

In his speech to celebrate Senior Citizen’s Day and the festival of Eid this week, he closed by saying that “I would also like to acknowledge the team from Projects Abroad that is providing free medical check-ups for all the senior citizens here today.”

The Projects Abroad Director for Fiji, Ingrid Sprake, is proud to report that “the feedback from volunteers and the local community so far has been phenomenal; the volunteers are making a really positive difference to the people in the communities we’re working with”.

Lindsay Benster and Victoria Murphy, two of our nutrition volunteers, explained that their aim is to determine the major health threats in the local community and their likely causes. They then devise a nutrition and health program to decrease any concerns. So far, they have cited an excessive intake of simple carbohydrates and sugar as well as inadequate portions of fruit and vegetables as the primary cause of an epidemic in both hypertension and Type 2 diabetes.

In a recent article, the pair wrote that “in order to counter the existing health issues and prevent the onset in avoidable cases, we will be teaching the basics of nutrition while conducting exercise and cooking classes a few times every week.”

Our hope is that, through education, Fijians will gain a better understanding of the causes of disease, and the preventive steps they can take and teach their children. Lindsay and Victoria commented that “through this volunteer opportunity, we have vastly expanded our own knowledge of nutrition and the importance of education”.

We would like to extend our thanks to our team of inspiring volunteers and staff in Fiji for their continued dedication and effort in establishing this project. It is clear that their hard work is producing incredible results.

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