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Loyola University student gets hands-on business experience in China

Loyola University students gains Business Experience in ChinaAlex Kitchie (25) came to China to experience a different culture while getting some valuable work experience. “I wanted to have a new experience and have something great on my resume that is different to most. I found out about Projects Abroad and saw their awesome business marketing programs in China, so I decided to go for it!"

Alex worked and lived in Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province in Central/West China. He interned at ‘Yoyou’, an international company that designs apps for online mobile gaming, specifically for casino play and online gambling. Yoyou is a relatively new company but is already functioning in many countries in the world and it is partnered with ‘Casino Star’.

One of Alex’s main duties was to push for international promotion and to devise new ideas on how to market their product. “They need people from the west to give a new angle to the team,” he said. The countries where the casino games are played are predominantly western countries so it is important for Yoyou to get the perspective of a westerner. “I was constantly updating the social media pages, writing reports for games and proofreading documents, so I felt like I was an asset to the company, and I got some awesome feedback about the fresh ideas I brought from home, which was great!”

The supervisor at this placement, Kevin, is a local who spent his college years in London. He is a great mentor for the volunteers and Projects Abroad have been working with him for a couple of years. “Alex was a fantastic help for everyone at Yoyou. He was full of energy, always used his initiative and came up with many ideas about how to market our product. We find volunteers very useful because they are international and they are keen to help us expand globally,” said Kevin.

“I gained some real experience in business marketing and some first-hand knowledge about the difficulties and joys of promoting a company internationally. The experience was amazing because I witnessed a culture that is completely different from America and the work is exactly what I want to do for my career.” At work, Alex was heavily involved in many different styles of marketing. “I got involved with anything and everything. Each day was different, so the days were exciting and fresh!”

Altogether Alex has really made the most of his time in Chengdu. “Chengdu has been amazing. The people are great, I’ve made so many friends and I will definitely come back.”

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