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Helping teachers in Peru

Teaching in PeruNot all English teachers in Peru have the competency in the English language that is required to teach students. Therefore, the Teacher Training Project aims to help teachers in Peru so that there can be a higher standard of English in schools in addition to bringing new teaching techniques into the classrooms.

In the Peruvian summer holidays (January and February) 110 to 160 teachers give up their holiday to attend the free six weeks of English classes held by the volunteers. Volunteers teach in pairs, preparing lessons with detailed plans and delivering them together.

The Ministry of Education officially supports this project by signing each certificate that is awarded to the teachers after they have completed the six week program. In January 2014, the Regional Director of Education, Edgar Ochoa Pezo, came to visit the project to show his support for the program.

Both volunteers and the teachers benefit from this program: the volunteers leave with a huge confidence boost from teaching in a classroom and a unique experience in Peru that touches the lives of thousands of students; and the teachers leave the course with improved English, new classroom techniques and knowledge that they can impart on their students.

The final beneficiaries are the young students who will be taught by teachers with a greater knowledge of the English language. This subject is particularly important as the region is dominated by tourism.

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