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Volunteers Step Up to Support January Tanzania Maasai Water & Sanitation Project

Projects Abroad International Development Work in Tanzania

Projects Abroad is excited to begin work on a special Water & Sanitation project in Tanzania and has found the volunteers to do the work. Following the success of several Water & Sanitation Projects worldwide, Projects Abroad and partner BridgIT Water are returning to Tanzania in January 2013 to continue with their life changing work. The six volunteers needed to make the project a reality quickly came forward after the project was announced this fall.

The group will be working northwest of Arusha in a remote location in the heart of the Ngorongoro National Park. Endulen is a small village settlement which is made up of Maasai tribes. Having been forced to abandon their nomadic lifestyle this community has become a central hub. Endulen provides education in the local school for over 800 children and has a much needed hospital.

However with infrequent rainfall and an increase in waste water they are in desperate need of a reliable clean water supply. The main beneficiaries of the project would be the 800 pupils of Endulen School who are forced to go and collect water at the start of every school day in order to ensure that there is enough water for drinking, sanitation and food preparation. With 800 students this activity is extremely disruptive to the school day and can take anywhere between two and four hours.

Volunteers here will help to ensure that the local community and school are healthy and self-sufficient with regards to water by drilling a borehole and installing an elevated tank where water can be pumped and stored.

The assistance of the volunteers and specialized staff will help to make a tangible and long-lasting difference to the lives of those living in this remote Maasai community.

While registration is now closed for the Water & Sanitation project, volunteers can still get involved with development work in Tanzania on Projects Abroad’s Building Project

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