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Join Important Reforestation Work on the Thailand Conservation Project

Tree nurseryThailand Conservation Director, Ingrid Sprake tells us about the great reforestation work our Conservation volunteers are involved in:

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with APE (Association for the Protection of the Environment) and FORRU (Forrest Restoration Research Unit) of the Chiang Mai University on this incredibly important forest restoration project. 

The purpose of this project is to develop a system of community based tree nurseries, where we grow key tree species which we then plant with the local people, thus creating a self-sustaining forest ecosystem, with the local community acting as guardians of the forest.

APE certificateThe indigenous trees we plant will create nature corridors, enabling wildlife to cross over the destructive rubber tree and palm oil plantations.  We already have a number of birds and insects on the endangered species lists, which we believe we can save by restoring these forests.

We are also working on creating an education center, aiming to attract educational and eco-tourism into the area, which will provide an additional source of income for the village. 

The volunteers have been working really hard on this project every Monday, over the last months, in the heat and in the rain, to make this project happen and we are all feeling excited to see the positive affect all this hard work will have in this area.”

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