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Protect the Endangered Rothschild Giraffe in Kenya

Giraffe in KenyaWith the launch of our Conservation project in Kenya comes the unique chance to work with one of the most endangered giraffe subspecies in the world.

There are sadly only around 450 Rothschild giraffes in the wild. Our Conservation volunteers in Kenya are able to contribute to a project which aims to protect this species in order to see that number increase.

Projects Abroad volunteers work in a 3500 acre reserve in Kenya which is home to a staggering 10% of the world’s population of wild Rothschild giraffes. The reserve is a haven and breeding ground for a diverse range of wild animals but particular emphasis is placed on the protection of the endangered Rothschild giraffe. 

You can get involved with tasks such as tracking and observing the giraffes and creating I.D sheets for each giraffe in order to start of database of the gender, markings, diet and behavior of the animals. Volunteers will also help create a protected conservancy for the wildlife including removing traps and snares, and sharing the knowledge about the diversity of the area with the local community.

Pelicans in KenyaRothschild giraffes are easily distinguishable from other subspecies by the coloring of their coat and the lack of markings on their lower legs. This gives them the impression of wearing long white socks! They are also the only subspecies to have five 'horns' as opposed to the normal two.  Rothschild giraffes are taller than many other subspecies and can measure up to a whopping six meters tall!

Volunteers share the reserve with not only giraffes, but also buffalo, zebra, waterbuck, impala, gazelle, eland, hyenas, leopards, hippo and over 200 species of bird.

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