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Projects Abroad Dentistry PRO Success in China

Dentistry PRO Volunteer in China

Projects Abroad PRO volunteer, Dr Jennifer Caplin, has been working with us since November on an intensive eight month dentistry project in Shanghai. Having completed four years of university and a further four years of dental school, Dr Caplin told us of her need for a change before entering the workforce!

Jennifer has created, on her own initiative, a school project providing free dental care to children of rural migrant workers. None of these students have ever had any previous dental treatment, and therefore Jennifer’s skills have been gladly accepted. She has been spending time both teaching the children about the importance of dental care as well as providing dental cleanings and fluoride treatments to the students.

Jennifer tells us about her feelings towards her project: ‘Everyday is a challenge, but it is quite possibly the most rewarding thing I have ever done. When I see the children’s brilliant smiles and when they greet me cheerily every time I walk down the hall, I feel that there is no place I would rather be’.

If you are thinking about taking a career break and want to offer a specific skill set then one of Projects Abroad’s PRO placements might just be the thing! Please email Scott on info@projects-abroad-pro.org for more details.

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