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Fiji Flooding - Outstanding Contribution from Volunteers

Appealing for donations

Projects Abroad’s volunteers in Fiji have made an exceptional effort with their Flood Relief Donation Campaign in aiding local Fijians who have been affected by the recent flooding. Volunteers had a brilliant idea of setting up a camp at Nadi International Airport where they had a very successful day collecting money, clothes, food, water, as well as a number of other donations.

The volunteers attracted the attention of many hundreds of people passing through the airport by singing and dancing and have received enormous support from everyone involved.

Later in the week volunteers delivered the goods to families in the Waqadra area; all their donations were gratefully received by the local community. Additional items were bought by Projects Abroad staff and volunteers in order to make sure there was plenty to go around and to show their support.

Fijian family receiving donation

Projects Abroad’s Social Manager in Fiji is delighted with the work of the volunteers and states, ‘we applaud each one of them for their tireless efforts in making such outstanding contributions toward Fiji in the time when help is needed the most’.

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