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Projects Abroad Ghana Launches Read and Feed Program

Reading with a child

Projects Abroad has launched a new program in Ghana to encourage reading as a way of improving literacy. The ‘Read and Feed’ program inspires children to see reading as something that is enjoyable. Now all new volunteers to Ghana are being asked to bring a book with them. With more books, the campaign can be expanded to reach more children throughout Ghana.

Read and Feed was started in the Akuapem Hills in the Eastern region of Ghana. The first host was Nana Aframea School in the village of Abiriw. The school already has a basic library so there was easy access to books. However, the few books they did have were rarely being used.

On the program, volunteers visit the school once a week after regular classes have finished for the day. With help from two local teachers they work with a small group of children who have been particularly struggling in class. Volunteers work one-on-one or with small groups of children. After each hour-long reading session the children are given some juice and a snack. After six weeks a new set of children are nominated in order to give everyone the opportunity to attend.

Success of the program and the ‘Bring a Book’ Campaign

Read and feed in Ghana

The feedback from this program has been impressive to say the least. There has already been a marked improvement in the reading and comprehension of many children. This is backed up by a noticeable difference in the end of term exam results. The school has also started a book lending club whereby students can ‘check-out’ books from the library.

The success of the project has inspired local staff to launch a new ‘Bring a Book’ campaign. The idea is for everyone that comes to Ghana as a volunteer to bring a book with them. Then we can start to fill the currently empty shelves of school libraries. We will be able to run more initiatives like Read and Feed in order to encourage reading as an educational tool and a form of enjoyment for these children.

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