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More Success for the Human Rights Team in Ghana

Kweku and the Human Rights team

Our Human Rights volunteers in Ghana have recently been involved with the moving case of Kweku Nartey. This case is the second major success that the Projects Abroad Human Rights office has witnessed.

This is just one of the many cases of injustice that our volunteers campaign for every day.

Kweku was falsely accused of making death threats to his employee; he was then kept in detention for 6 months with no proof or evidence. Whilst the government failed to provide a trial, Kweku could do nothing. Prisoners in Ghana are not provided with meals, and rely entirely on being visited by family or friends to supply nourishment or money. Human Rights volunteer, Nadine, asked Nartey when he had last eaten a proper meal. ‘6 months ago’, was the stark response. During his time in detention he relied on the generosity of other prisoners who did receive food provisions.

After a long battle for freedom, the Projects Abroad volunteers waited in great anticipation for Nartey’s verdict, which granted him liberty. However, as volunteer, Amber Russell, explains - Nartey is ‘free from the physical walls of custody, but is still chained by the reality of a failed justice system’.

The Projects Abroad Human Rights office in Ghana aims to get involved with and raise awareness for many other cases like this one.

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