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New Scholarship for American Volunteers Going to a Muslim Country

Projects Abroad is pleased to announce its selection as a Recommended Organization for the America’s Unofficial Ambassadors (AUA) Mosaic Scholarship program.

The AUA Mosaic Scholarship is an initiative specifically designed to make volunteering abroad more accessible to a wide range of Americans. AUA Mosaic scholarships will support outstanding and under-represented volunteers who seek to partner with local leaders and citizens across the Muslim World to address human development challenges in education, health, community needs, and civil society.

The AUA Mosaic Scholarship is available to American volunteers who commit to serving in a Muslim-majority country through an organization listed in the AUA Directory of Recommended Organizations. Projects Abroad is one of only 36 Recommended Organizations.

Scholarships with AUA Directory-listed organizations will cover $2000 - $5000 in program fees and/or travel costs.

Full details and applications for the AUA Mosaic Scholarship are available at http://unofficialambassadors.com/get-involved/aua-mosaic-scholarship/.

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