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Care volunteers needed in Bolivia from January to March 2010!

Volunteer at the orphanage

Ciudadela SEDEGES is a state run orphanage that we have been working with since 2002 (previously known as Alejandro Magno).

The state only provides funding for the salaries of most care workers for 10 months; March through to December. Last year they had two out of ten members of staff stay on with a paid salary and another two of the remaining eight who stayed voluntarily (with no pay for three months). When this situation occurs, the children are left at the orphanage without any sufficient adult supervision. This has been happening every year, even before we began supporting the orphanage full time. In addition to this, it is the summer vacation, so the children are currently not in school.

There are other members of staff, for instance, the Director, Psychologist, Social Worker and cook, who are also on a fixed payroll. However they struggle to manage the 10-15 children in each home (a total of six “casitas” – homes) and everything that comes with managing a home (cooking, cleaning, bathing, ironing, washing, and controlling the little ones). The staff also have their own responsibilities and therefore there is insufficient time spent on the children.

Freddy Mita, who is our Care Supervisor in Bolivia, is currently working on a Ciudadela Summer Plan of activities and tasks that volunteers will be able to take part in. This will run alongside the daily chores of running the home such as cleaning, bathing, washing clothes and so forth.

Now, we need volunteers to help! So…keep us in mind!

Daniela Viljoen
Director for Bolivia

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