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Volunteer in Ghana Stars in Nollywood Movie

On location Louis Berger-Mole a sports volunteer in Ghana recently found himself a lead part in a Nigerian movie. Louis was on his normal walk to work in Teshie Nungua when he was spotted by the film's director. He was then asked if he could attend an audition where he was instantly given the job despite having no acting experience.

Nollywood is the name for the Nigerian film industry and Louis found himself filming only two weeks later. Louis plays a 30 year old English pastor called William who came to Africa in the 1990's to spread the message of Christianity. All was going well until William came across a little village called Nsawa where there was an evil goddess who wanted to kill him. It ended up with them falling in love and William successfully converting the village to Christianity.

Chatting with the director Whilst filming Louis had many comical situations to deal with, if anyone out there has ever seen a film of this sort they would understand that it is built up of lots of shouting and a strange array of special effects.

Louis' most memorable moment was when handed a loud speaker in front of 200 locals he was asked to quote verses from the bible.

We are yet to hear the official release date of the film but we wish Louis all the best for his future acting career!

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