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Top Ten in 2008

After another successful volunteering year it is time to look back to see which of our destinations were most popular in 2008.

1. Ghana

After spending the summer in Ghana and seeing the sheer amount of volunteers and great work they were doing I can honestly say I would be shocked it was not top of the pile.

But why was Ghana so popular? Here’s what one volunteer thought…

Ghana is the perfect gateway for first-time volunteers in West Africa. The welcoming people, lush jungle, and extensive travel circuit provide an ideal environment for any placement.”

Alex Oberholzer – Medical volunteer

2. India

“India is an assault on the senses. However many guidebooks or Michael Palin shows you watch you cannot prepare yourself for India. It is an amazing place to volunteer.”

Ian Birbeck – Recruitment Director

3. Peru

“Peru is an incredible place to visit and explore. The Andes provide a magnificent backdrop to a country full of history, tradition, and a way of life unseen in the West. It is a must-see for those going to Latin America!”

Kelsy Nelson – Programme Advisor USA

4. Nepal

“I loved the welcoming attitude, the local community feel, it was truly was a remarkable experience.”

Andrew Fryer – International Development Officer

5. South Africa

“South Africa is the land of many faces. Not only for the beautiful and friendly people but also in the beauty and variety of the land. Anyone can definitely have the time of their life in South Africa. I know I did.”

Laurens Vos – Head of Recruitment, Holland

6. Mexico

“Mexico inspires thoughts of food, dancing, and many fiestas! From the chocolate induced mole, spicy tacos, and fresh bakeries to the dance halls filled with Salsa moves and lively bands, it has something for everybody. Whether you'd like to explore beaches on the weekend, visit ancient Mayan ruins, or simply relax with an afternoon siesta, Mexico will feed your needs.”

Kelsy Nelson – Programme Advisor USA

7. Argentina

“The Argentinean city of Cordoba, where a number of Projects Abroad placements are based, really is mix of old and new and deserves it’s hefty title of ‘Cultural Capital of the Americas’. Where else do you find crowded student bars blaring out electro-tango next to old Jesuit ruins? It really is a fascinating city. For anyone looking to explore Argentina, be prepared for it to exceed your expectations in many ways (and that includes the melt-in-the-mouth steak; it’s worth a return trip just for that!).”

Faye Stickings – Head of Social Management

8. Costa Rica

“Costa Rica is a wonderful destination to visit as an introduction to Latin America. The biodiversity and array of opportunities for people interested in the outdoors is unparalleled, and the people are kind, friendly and relaxed.”

Jessye Crowe-Rothstein – Programme Advisor USA

9. Senegal

"Senegal is a fantastic Francophone destination. Not only are there some great programs at our base in St. Louis, but the combination of interesting architecture, smiling faces and a proximity to the ocean give it a vibe that is hard to replicate anywhere."

Will Harper – Deputy Director USA

10. China

“There’s been no better time to visit China than now. Shanghai is one of the fastest growing business centers in the world and is a perfect place to gain work experience in fields as diverse as marketing, law, HR, finance and property development. After you have finished your work placement you can then explore this fascinating country, visiting the Terracotta Warriors, climbing the Great Wall or exploring the Forbidden City.”

Greg Thomson – Operations Director

Who knows what 2009 will have in store, there is likely to be heavy competition with new destinations Tanzania and Fiji in the mix.

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