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Projects Abroad 2007 Sports Review

Suzi (3083) at Race for Life

2007 was a fantastic year for Projects Abroad in terms of the sporting achievements of our staff.

In the final weeks of the year our Brighton-based 5-a-side soccer team managed to secure the points needed to finish top of the local “Pitch Invasion” Premiership. This happened despite the fact that some of the opposition teams actually decided to turn up! Well done to Greg and Rob!

Back in the summer our intrepid triathlon team managed to surprise everyone by pulling out some fantastic performances in a series of triathlons around the country, including finishing 1st place just down the road in Seaford. Congratulations to Rich, Sue and Scott!

Suzi also took to pounding the streets of Brighton and Ian after his 2nd century raised money for cancer charities by competing in both the Race for Life and a 5 mile run for a breast cancer charity in October.

Ian rounds off the UK achievements after scoring an impressive two centuries over the summer for the Littlehampton, Clapham and Patching cricket club.

But undoubtedly the best individual performance came from Projects Abroad India’s Sornavel who managed to finish an incredible 2nd in India’s National Tennikoit Championship and 3rd in the Mixed Doubles! For the small minority of you who haven’t heard of it before (!), Tennikoit is a game played on a court similar to that used in badminton. Play consists of the competitors throwing a small rubber ring across the net, with points conceded if this ring touches the ground.

Tennikoit is a very popular game in India – a country with a population of over 1.1 billion - which really puts Sornavel’s achievement into perspective. The game is also gaining increasing popularity internationally; with the 2010 World Championships set to take place in Germany. Let’s hope that Sornavel will be there to win it!

In 2008 we already have plenty to look forward to with Faye taking part in the Brighton half marathon in February. The training at this time of the year can’t be muchTriathlon team fun!

Good luck to Faye and any other staff or volunteers who are taking part in any sports events in 2008!

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