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Volunteers Join Rugby World Cup Celebrations in South Africa

Ian Birbeck, Head of our UK recruitment team recently visited South Africa, he tells us:

Volunteers supporting South Africa

'I asked our South African Desk Officer, Alyssa Myers, for a report on how things were in Cape Town following the South African victory in the Rugby World Cup. Alyssa is American so seems to have been supporting South Africa whilst in our UK office we were keen to see another upset.

Alyssa says "I would gladly write up the incredible victory that South Africa is still relishing! Too bad for the English, we have a couple of down-and-out English folk out here sulking a bit! We watched the final in a small town outside of Cape Town, at a steak and chips charity dinner under a huge tent with big screens to watch the game, where there were 600 South Africans downing Brandy and Coke, and our British volunteer, Tom stood on his chair and sang ‘God Save the Queen’ at the top of his lungs!"

I don’t know whether our pre-departure advice mentions to English volunteers that standing on a chair in a room full of South Africans and singing ‘God Save the Queen’ before a big rugby match as possibly not the safest thing to do, but Tom apparently survived the experience.

Alyssa goes onto say "South African volunteers witnessed a great accomplishment on Saturday night as the Springboks took the 15-6 victory over England for the Rugby World Cup! The atmosphere was intense while an entire nation watched as their team battled against the defending champions to take the win. South Africa has claimed the cup now twice, the last World Cup was won in 1995, one year after the first democratic election, awarded by Nobel Peace prize winner, Nelson Mandela. It was an emotional and celebratory night in South Africa, from the cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town to the sleepy farming communities of Robertson and Montague, all Springbok fans loyally stood behind their nation as they held the shiny cup high!"

Well done to South Africa from all our offices around the world even the one here in England!'

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