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Teaching teachers in Peru, more volunteers vitally needed!

Teaching supervisor, Claire

Our Teaching Program in Peru takes a different form in the school holiday period in January and February, when we run a scheme to improve the English of the local Peruvian teachers. This program is organized in conjunction with the Peruvian Ministry of Education and is hugely valuable as the local teachers can pass on their improved knowledge to the hundreds of children they teach.

More volunteers are needed to help with the 2008 course. Volunteers can join the program for four or six weeks, starting on either the 14th or the 28th January. Volunteers wanting to stay in Peru for longer than six weeks will then join a normal teaching placement in a high school when the holidays end.

Our Teaching Supervisor in Peru, Claire Pegler, took Teaching the local teachers part in the training program last year, she explains:

‘The Teacher Training program is a unique opportunity to affect lasting change. The future of Peruvian education has to be based on the teachers themselves and if we can help them to improve, then generations of students can benefit too. Besides this, teacher training was a tremendous bonding experience among us volunteers. We traveled and worked together everyday which is not often possible in other projects. We laughed, cried, worked and played together and formed friendships which I know will last a lifetime. It was fantastic to feel part of something that would have a definite impact on Peru after I’m gone home and I know its something that has had a tremendous and rewarding impact on me.’

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