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Volunteers work with Bolivian Youth Group

Volunteers Amy and Rachel during their presentation

NACER ('No a conductas en riesgo' meaning 'No to unsafe behaviour'), is a youth group begun by Dr. Gino Badani, whose purpose for establishing the group was mainly to provide an alternative approach to educating the youth of Cochabamba on different situations that adolescents and teenagers face in Bolivian Society. Problems not dissimilar to those faced all over the world. With over 50 members (all between ages 12 - 24) NACER is teaching these youngsters how to talk about and deal with situations such as teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, alcoholism, HIV/AIDS and many more.

Meeting every Wednesday evening at the Centro de Salud Sarcobamba, Dr. Badani guides and gears discussions and activities on youth leadership in order to prepare these adolescents and teenagers to go out into the community and share their knowledge and experiences with others.

Volunteers, Erin, Natalia, Kathryn and Amy

Volunteers Rachel Care and Kathryn Boyce, on placement at the Centro de Salud Sarcobamba, thought it would be interesting to also share with NACER their own experiences and talk about life in their own countries. Getting all volunteers from the different placements involved, they were able to put together a fantastic display and presentation about the many countries volunteers arrive from, (England, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada and the United States). Each volunteer prepared a small dish of typical food from back home as well as a small speech in Spanish about their country, life at home and university, travel experiences and more. Many questions were asked by the youth about what volunteers enjoyed most about Bolivia and what made them decide to come to Bolivia to volunteer. Volunteers also got the opportunity to ask the youth questions on what their aspirations were for the future; a fantastic opportunity for both foreign and Bolivian views to be shared amongst everyone.

After the positive feedback from this experience, Projects Abroad - Bolivia hopes to continue meeting with NACER and the Centro de Salud Sarcobamba and support the youth of Cochabamba!

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